Michael Henaghan is a cinematographer, director, and editor who grew up in the small town of Hockessin, Delaware.  He is seeking full time employment while picking up any freelance work on the side to satisfy his creative desires.  Most of his work comes in the form of short films, music videos, commercials, and live event shoots.  He enjoys shooting and editing his footage for distribution because he is able to perfect his craft as he sees fit.  Essentially, he wants to be a “swiss army knife” of filmmaking, experienced in all aspects of the field and able to take on any job possible.

He got his start as a filmmaker at a young age, remaking box office feature length films into condensed, parody type films with his friends.  Upon entering high school, Michael took TV Production classes where he began to explore this as a more viable career option.  He never saw himself as someone who could sit in an office all day and simply crunch numbers or attend meetings.  He always liked to get out and see the world and desired to do something different every day he went to work.  In one of his advisement classes in high school, he found out that filmmaking was an option as a career.  Surprised, he thought, “Someone would actually pay me to do this?”And so his career as a filmmaker began as he started college at Fairfield University.

Michael quickly jumped into action as a freshman and wanted to get his hands on any project that was possible.  By the end of his freshman year, He had shot his first film titled “Waiting on a Girl” which he worked as the cinematographer on.  In addition to other class projects that he shot, a fire had been lit inside Michael to learn as much as he could about the camera and the art of cinematography.  His sophomore year, he decided to try his hands at directing a short film for one of his classes.  While learning a lot, Michael knew that he was better suited behind the camera.  He continued the year and shot two more projects in the second semester that were a short film titled “The Sitters” and a pilot episode of a TV show titled “The Site.”  Moving on to his junior year, Michael continued his pursuit of cinematography, shooting four films that year.  Most notably was “You Alone Are Real to Me” which was his longest production yet and used many different locations throughout the Fairfield, CT area.  His senior year, Michael decided to give directing another shot and wrote, directed, and edited his senior thesis project “The Good Deed that Got Punished.”  Along with this, he shot a first person – choose your own destiny – zombie film titled “You Are What You Eat” along with a narrative film that takes the western genre and places it in modern day, titled “Six Shooters Revenge.”  Through these films, Michael felt prepared to take on the reel world as a filmmaker.  While having a good understanding of what it means to make a film, Michael still knows that there is much to learn in this industry.  His passion and dedication to this art form is what drives him to satisfy his hunger to create in this digital medium.

He enjoys watching and telling stories about an obstacle, no matter how small, that a character must overcome.  He believes that everyone must fight their own personal battles and find the strength from within to succeed.  Michael also likes seeing a man’s rise to greatness and the aftermath of his success.  Focusing on the work of Martin Scorsese in his films such as Good Fellas and The Wolf of Wall Street, he hopes to create films that resemble these story lines while putting his own personal twist into the mix.


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