Ten Thousand Hours

Ten thousand.  10,000.  That’s right, ten thousand of ’em.  My life long dream, inspired by Macklemore’s newest song.  If you haven’t heard it then I would check it out right here.  I went into college knowing that I wanted to major in film.  What I wanted to do with that degree, I had no idea.  I had always liked using cameras since I was a kid.  

During my sophomore year, two different people trusted me enough to shoot their capstones and I fell in love with cinematography.  Now that I graduated college, its finally time to start doing something with my life.  That’s where the ten thousand hours comes in.  If I want to eventually shoot movies in Hollywood, I am going to have to log a pretty good amount of time behind the camera, so I thought I’d better start out now.   They say you need to practice a skill for about 10,000 hours to achieve great success in it.  I have my whole life ahead of me, so why not start now?  Essentially, I want to be the Van Gogh of cinematography in about 30 years.  I have more than a long way to go but if you want to follow me as I embark on this journey, then I’ll be posting about it on this blog.  I won’t be making updates every day, but every time I am doing something that helps out my career (bringing me closer to this 10,000 hour thing), I’ll write a post about it here.  So thanks to anyone who cares enough to follow along.  Its going to be a long ride but maybe this will keep me motivated.


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